Monday, 21 March 2011

Some advice for aspiring Tarot readers

Tarot reading is an art not a science. I, Tania Kapoor, have been using this art and way of reading the Tarot Tarot predictions and services to my clients from last year following my own procedures for Tarot reading, I have greatly helped to improve the accuracy of the readings my tarot.

Tarot reading can be learned by anyone and if you really think you have what it takes "the gift of intuition ', then these tips can help you bring your divine power of the tarot to the surface:

* Use the red and yellow to improve and assert his Tarot cards and psychic reading skills. The yellow is a calming color, the color of the sun, so wearing above the waist yellow or golden yellow color figures of Buddha smile open your senses, which are more aware of the energies around you and you are in a state of the senses and the more you can communicate with Tarot cards.

* Red is the color of energy and gels well with the Tarot cards. So with a red surface (preferably soft satin / silk / velvet) to disseminate their Tarot cards Tarot reading will improve.

* As a professional Tarot reader who will find a series of negative energy when people call you with their problems. To deal with issues as I use the scent of vanilla (I should heal before reading the tarot) for tarot readings, and that helps me relax, concentrate better and ultimately provide accurate tarot reading forward-looking to my esteemed clients in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, UK, Canada, etc.

* Use rose water to clean the environment before starting the process of reading the tarot. This will prevent the negative effects and help us to help our customers efficiently.

* Read as much as you can about tarot, tarot cards, tarot chuck, the meanings of tarot, but only follow what you feel is right.

* Last but not least and most importantly - "Create your own path" for reading the tarot. Yeah I know this is completely different to what most theoretical courses tarot reading will tell but it has to be comfortable and tarot cards need to be comfortable too. So choose your tarot deck, environment, time of day and the Tarot cards, Tarot reading would be more effective and believe me "works." And stick to the same procedure each time you start reading the tarot.

Using these simple procedures I offer tarot reading accurate forecasts to help my clients make decisions for themselves without being judgmental about it. My goal is to provide as much information they need to walk, feeling lighter, stronger and lighter, and more in tune with your path and purpose.

My services Tarot aims to provide a clear vision and act as a source of inspiration for a bright future. As my clients? - Even my phone readings are as incredible as face to face meetings tend to be so precise.


  1. Tarot cards are very powerful and have been used for many centuries as a divination tool. The tarot opens our eyes on the different situations of our life and help us to either find a solution to our problems or have a better vision of what is going on. Thanks for sharing this necessary advices that every tarot cart readers should follow for giving genuine predictions to the people.

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  2. A good tarot reader is one who is honest about their profession and does not scam people. They help you to explore your options and decide what you can change, if you choose. They remind you that you are in control of your own life and also bring hope for the future. Thanks a lot.

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