Monday, 21 March 2011

Some advice for aspiring Tarot readers

Tarot reading is an art not a science. I, Tania Kapoor, have been using this art and way of reading the Tarot Tarot predictions and services to my clients from last year following my own procedures for Tarot reading, I have greatly helped to improve the accuracy of the readings my tarot.

Tarot reading can be learned by anyone and if you really think you have what it takes "the gift of intuition ', then these tips can help you bring your divine power of the tarot to the surface:

* Use the red and yellow to improve and assert his Tarot cards and psychic reading skills. The yellow is a calming color, the color of the sun, so wearing above the waist yellow or golden yellow color figures of Buddha smile open your senses, which are more aware of the energies around you and you are in a state of the senses and the more you can communicate with Tarot cards.

* Red is the color of energy and gels well with the Tarot cards. So with a red surface (preferably soft satin / silk / velvet) to disseminate their Tarot cards Tarot reading will improve.

* As a professional Tarot reader who will find a series of negative energy when people call you with their problems. To deal with issues as I use the scent of vanilla (I should heal before reading the tarot) for tarot readings, and that helps me relax, concentrate better and ultimately provide accurate tarot reading forward-looking to my esteemed clients in India, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, UK, Canada, etc.

* Use rose water to clean the environment before starting the process of reading the tarot. This will prevent the negative effects and help us to help our customers efficiently.

* Read as much as you can about tarot, tarot cards, tarot chuck, the meanings of tarot, but only follow what you feel is right.

* Last but not least and most importantly - "Create your own path" for reading the tarot. Yeah I know this is completely different to what most theoretical courses tarot reading will tell but it has to be comfortable and tarot cards need to be comfortable too. So choose your tarot deck, environment, time of day and the Tarot cards, Tarot reading would be more effective and believe me "works." And stick to the same procedure each time you start reading the tarot.

Using these simple procedures I offer tarot reading accurate forecasts to help my clients make decisions for themselves without being judgmental about it. My goal is to provide as much information they need to walk, feeling lighter, stronger and lighter, and more in tune with your path and purpose.

My services Tarot aims to provide a clear vision and act as a source of inspiration for a bright future. As my clients? - Even my phone readings are as incredible as face to face meetings tend to be so precise.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

All About Card Tarot Reading

People are always interested in knowing what the future holds for them. It is always exciting to ask questions about their own future and to receive accurate and honest answers to your questions on the basis of a well-made mechanism, then you really want to believe. The card reading is a physical method known as the future of a person using a set of cards is known as this.

Tarot card reading can only be done by a professional who has studied and the art of reading tarot. There is a specific set of cards that are used during the session of the tarot reading and the person who has come to seek answers is asked to remove the letters from a group that may arise. Several cards mean and refer to various aspects of a person's life-such as water board means "Rider Waite", that provides answers about the past of a person. Then you have Benedetti card which means the class and elegance. Using the letters chosen by the client, a tarot card reader can find information about his life and even make some predictions for the future.

Many people go to the card readers when they want to know why you are experiencing bad luck or misfortune. Depending on the cards to select the set of tarot cards, the reader is able to guide them as to why certain aspects or certain acts of them may be adversely affecting them. Many also base important decisions on predictions of tarot reader as it wants to make the best of the best opportunity.

Tarot card readers can be found in most cities today, and they even have card reading sessions online, where you can get answers to some crucial questions about his life.

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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

3 single Tarot card reading instructions

Once you have learned the different meanings of the Tarot cards, the next step is to read the cards either for their own people themselves or others. Many people will tell you to do different things while doing Tarot readings. Essentially, they all boil down to simply do what makes you feel comfortable and more aligned with their beliefs and philosophies.

Here are some instructions on the Tarot card that will help you find a structure and a base for Tarot readings:

1. Create your own 'Code of Ethics ": This is like a book of rules to develop and follow you. You can have some basic Dos and Don'ts to follow and that will help customers understand their basic philosophies." Code of Ethics "is also a declaration of principles for himself. For example, one of the states in the Code of Ethics ", published by the American Board for Tarot Certification includes a statement that all clients will be assured of absolute confidentiality, and that the Tarot card reader does not require Customer to make any additional purchase of any kind. "Code of Ethics" The willingness to help customers understand what they can and can not be expected of you tarot card consultation.

2. Ask your questions correctly: often happens that a launch reading cards that do not seem very relevant to what they wanted, or going to give vague answers. The reason is probably asked a confusion or a vague question. I consider the cards to be like a mirror. We reflect in the most humble and honest. So if you are going to appear confused or going to a vague question, then that is what they are obliged to echo. Make your direct question and to the point as possible. For example, if you are ordering the cards to the question "What are the chances of me getting a job?", Is more likely to get an answer is not clear. But if you asked the question a little differently, like as follows: "What are the chances of me getting a new job in March" or "What are the chances of me getting a new job the next 3 months? "is more likely to get an answer that will help and guide you forward.

3. Opening and closing: This is the reading before and after you have finished reading. An "opening" is the part where you can connect to earth, meditation and even a prayer or a lot of statements that help in reading. You can ask for blessings and guidance and say a few statements like "This reading conveys the truth." What you are doing is essentially what you are willing to be honest and truthful. Similarly, a "closing" is where "sign." In closing, make sure you thank the Universe to help and guide during reading. What you are doing is essentially saying to yourself now reading to the end customer. This will also be back to normal that the position of meditation.

With these simple instructions for reading tarot cards, which will soon be able to get confidence and be able to do readings as readers of business cards of the Tarot.

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Monday, 14 March 2011

Tips for Beginners Tarot reader - Meaning Tarot Made Easy

Tarot predictions and interpretation are highly dependent on tarot cards meaning without which it would be possible, each card has a particular meaning and symbolism attached to it. What people can not understand is that the global spread and combinations of cards gives the full meaning tarot card to define a certain aspect of life. For example, in the Rider Waite Tarot, tarot student needs to know the meaning of all seventy-eight cards to be able to read them. From King and Queen of the Fool, tarot cards can be studied, analyzed and understood in terms of the sensitive nature of all users.

Over time all kinds of changes was evident in reading tarot cards, because people are no strangers to the Kabbalah or alchemy, the similarity of the symbols can not be ignored. Therefore, all kinds of symbols have been added in time for the current form of the covers is very complex. It is also common practice to complicate things even more by personalizing the cards and the addition of other subtle interpretations to covers. So many amateur philosophers have their own interpretations of the mystical representations of alchemy and Kabbalah that choose to add cards.

Tarot cards meaning varies widely depending on the interpretation, so a single card can be given different explanations regarding its position in the spread and the proximity to other cards. Very often, to the reader and common sense, a sense of tarot cards can be very relevant to the issue under discussion and therefore discarded. While in the Major Arcana, the numbers have very different symbolism in the Minor Arcana emphasizes the four alchemical elements correspond to that card. Therefore, foot staves in the earth, fire tubes, cups for water and swords for air.

In general, the meaning of tarot cards gives you an idea of ​​how he / she goes through personal experience: sometimes you can even see if you're on the right track or has deviated from distance. This tarot card meaning is obvious to the differentials in the Major Arcana, with each card matches a certain aspect of life: the fool is the beginning of a journey, the magician shows you the way to wisdom, the high priestess speaks of the self-balancing, Empress points to pleasure, wealth and love, while the emperor is assumed power and authority, and so on.

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Choice of Tarot cards Tarot Card Reading

Well, what they have seen the tarot cards used in television and movies, has gone for a Tarot reading or 2, and now I want to see if you have the ability to leverage the power of Tarot cards yourself. Did you know what the next step in this process? You want your own deck of Tarot cards. There is no way that he will be willing to give someone a Tarot reading if you do not have their own deck to work. To give a correct reading of Tarot, the owner of the Tarot cards must be spiritually in tune with their cover so they can work together in peace, both working toward a goal typical.

Many do not understand what we are starting to become singing with tarot cards. Every reader of tarot cards have there own deck of tarot cards and make reading the cards, as they sing with the cards and will not change the cover. So when reading the tarot trying to prove to the different set of tarot cards until you feel in harmony with a particular tarot deck and keep it covered OPF cards for the rest of life. Mentioned below are some of the most popular types of covers that are used by beginners trying to give his first Tarot reading. When no tarot cards high level of reading accuracy at first do not get crazy, try to practice to become an expert with the time evolves.

one. Rider-Waite - This is the deck of Tarot cards being used more frequently, not only for noobs, but for everyone in the neighborhood. If you go for a Tarot reading, there is a good probability of a Rider-Waite deck is to be used. Also, many representations of Tarot reading in movies and television shows this cover is also used.

2. Golden Dawn - These Tarot cards are based on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This group was formed in the late 1800's and practiced spiritual development during their time together in Britain. entire religions such as Wicca are based on the order of the Golden Dawn fascinating, so this platform is dedicated to the pioneers in the world of spirituality. Using the cover of the Golden Dawn is expected to allow you to get energy from this order, so that you can use for reading Tarot cards.

three. Feng Shui - These Tarot cards are a common power scheme Tarot with the teachings and wisdom of ancient China. You've heard people talk about the Feng Shui of a room before, and the same concept is done with this deck. Feng Shui is the balance of their environment and the environment in ways that optimize and manage your chi. Use of this covered by your Tarot reading is true that some of the profound effects.

The above described type of tarot cards are the cards most used by tarot readers. When you are trying to read the tarot first attempt to connect to one of the tarot cards if you can successfully connect, then it can become a tarot reader, without attempting to connect to the cards can end in failure and loss time.

To learn how to become a tour of the Tarot Card reader