Tuesday, 15 March 2011

3 single Tarot card reading instructions

Once you have learned the different meanings of the Tarot cards, the next step is to read the cards either for their own people themselves or others. Many people will tell you to do different things while doing Tarot readings. Essentially, they all boil down to simply do what makes you feel comfortable and more aligned with their beliefs and philosophies.

Here are some instructions on the Tarot card that will help you find a structure and a base for Tarot readings:

1. Create your own 'Code of Ethics ": This is like a book of rules to develop and follow you. You can have some basic Dos and Don'ts to follow and that will help customers understand their basic philosophies." Code of Ethics "is also a declaration of principles for himself. For example, one of the states in the Code of Ethics ", published by the American Board for Tarot Certification includes a statement that all clients will be assured of absolute confidentiality, and that the Tarot card reader does not require Customer to make any additional purchase of any kind. "Code of Ethics" The willingness to help customers understand what they can and can not be expected of you tarot card consultation.

2. Ask your questions correctly: often happens that a launch reading cards that do not seem very relevant to what they wanted, or going to give vague answers. The reason is probably asked a confusion or a vague question. I consider the cards to be like a mirror. We reflect in the most humble and honest. So if you are going to appear confused or going to a vague question, then that is what they are obliged to echo. Make your direct question and to the point as possible. For example, if you are ordering the cards to the question "What are the chances of me getting a job?", Is more likely to get an answer is not clear. But if you asked the question a little differently, like as follows: "What are the chances of me getting a new job in March" or "What are the chances of me getting a new job the next 3 months? "is more likely to get an answer that will help and guide you forward.

3. Opening and closing: This is the reading before and after you have finished reading. An "opening" is the part where you can connect to earth, meditation and even a prayer or a lot of statements that help in reading. You can ask for blessings and guidance and say a few statements like "This reading conveys the truth." What you are doing is essentially what you are willing to be honest and truthful. Similarly, a "closing" is where "sign." In closing, make sure you thank the Universe to help and guide during reading. What you are doing is essentially saying to yourself now reading to the end customer. This will also be back to normal that the position of meditation.

With these simple instructions for reading tarot cards, which will soon be able to get confidence and be able to do readings as readers of business cards of the Tarot.

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